Restaurant, Bar and Room Service

We have our own restaurant and bar on the hotel premises. The restaurant offers a varied menu for adults and children. In-season, our salads are enriched by fresh vegetables and spices from our own organic plant garden. You are welcome to visit our garden during your stay. The bar serves soft drinks, juices, and a variety of national and international liquors. Room service as well as service to pool, beach and lounging areas is available during restaurant and bar operating hours.

Kitchen and Fireplace

Houses (capacity of 6 guests) and suites (capacity of 4) have indoor fireplaces and fully equipped kitchen areas.

Pure Drinking Water
We have our own private well and a four-filter purification system which provide clean drinking water in all faucets of our hotel.

Heated Swimming Pool, Sauna and Jacuzzi

The swimming pool is surrounded by beautiful gardens and has an exquisite view of the lake. It has a child-friendly wade-in area and nearby playground area. The sauna and Jacuzzi also feature beautiful views. They are co-located, somewhat nearer the beachfront, and connected to the pool area by rustic pathways.

Private Beach and Kayaks

The hotel has a private beach with lounging areas and landscaped gardens. Kayaks are available for rent.


Phone, Cable TV and Laundry Service

All units have national and international direct dial phone service and cable TV with national and international channels. We have laundry service for our guests.


Free wireless local network network access (WLAN/WiFi) is available in some common areas on the Hotel grounds and can be installed in individual rooms for extended stay at a reasonable additional charge.